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September 20, 2013
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HPA - Leon Schroder by Illustriality HPA - Leon Schroder by Illustriality
[ uh--  Application for :iconhopespeakacademy:
I'm not sorry
Art will be added later school is a dumb
I'm working on it I promise

I tried to make Leon in DR style in the head shot i dies ]

Name: Leon Schröder
Age: 19
Height: 6'1" / 186 cm
Weight: 173 lbs / 78 kg
Gender: Male
DOB: January 1st

Soldier - Leon has trained extensively with his father and his father's friend, who works in the same office. They used him to receive information and hunt down potential threats to the company. He was able to utilize a sniper gun at the age of 10 and could defeat numerous men in hand-to-hand combat. However, Leon's dream to enter the actual military battlefield never came true; his stepmother would not allow it, so he respected her wishes and remained dormant in ordinary schools. But he was made SHSL Soldier through an incident that not one person of the Schröder family could forget. And to be kept secret, locked someplace deep in the soldier's heart, possibly to forget and continue walking. Forget and continue walking to the future...

Ethnicity/Home: German. Born in Germany, moved to Japan with his father.
Extra Features: Scar on the bridge of his nose and an eyepatch on his left eye. He received these wounds trying to save someone dear to him.
Weapon: N/A

Very blunt and impulsive, Leon refuses to hold back on his criticisms of distasteful mannerisms. He maintains a brave and stern front around individuals he does not know very well, but opens up to become a compassionate figure around the people he loves. He can come off as rude and condescending, but he's a good guy overall. He finds it nearly impossible to trust men around women and prevents any form of communication between them, despite being a man himself. This action may be misunderstood as one with ulterior motives when he genuinely does not have any. (R00d.)

+ Bitter foods
+ Friendly competitions
+ Exercising
+ Critiques, to improve

- Sweet foods
- Those who do not have willpower
- Crying
- Misogynists
- Unnecessary fighting

Additional Info:
- He hates men who attempt to injure women, whether accident or not.
- He expertises in a guerilla fighting style.

[ Dietrich Schröder - Father
Maria Schröder - Mother
Sakura Ichinose - Stepmother
Keiji Schröder (Ichinose) - Stepbrother ]

Leon Schröder decided to become a loyal soldier of the German army as soon as he spoke his words of farewell to his dearest brother figure and neighbor, who was leaving to serve in the Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces. He admired the soldier life, living and dying all for the sake of protecting the country. Protect, protect, protect. Repeating that word in his head, he swore to sacrifice himself for the safety of his family and classmates. His father approved of his conviction and trained him personally, being a former military officer. He taught Leon all he knew about fighting; shooting, hand-to-hand combat, and other techniques came to this boy naturally, as though he had a precedented future towards serving in the army.

On his 7th birthday, Leon experienced his first mission failure. His mother divorced his father for reasons unknown to him (although rumors mentioned a young lover in America), tearing the family to remain with two: a man and his beloved, prodigious son. Heartstricken with grief, Leon's father enacted a plan of action as soon as possible, to escape from the terrors of the broken marriage that incessantly followed him. Japan was a place of interest; he learned a bit of Japanese when he visited the country for a couple months. And it was the place his heart had decided on. He and Leon would move to Japan.

And that was where a new love, a new revival awakened. Leon's father met a Japanese office secretary at his new workplace and fell unconditionally in love. They mutually shared these feelings and came together to wed on January 1st - Leon's 8th birthday. (Leon emphatically approved of this marriage; it was time for his father to find happiness.)

The secretary, Sakura Ichinose, had a child before this marriage, a boy born out of wedlock. Keiji Ichinose (now Keiji Schröder), a boy one year younger than Leon. After his classmates heard of his illegitimacy, Keiji was often bullied by them, but he hid this from his mother. Conflict between boys should not be a concern for someone as busy as Ichinose. Upon Keiji and Leon's first meeting, Leon complained to his father that Keiji was too weak to be brothers with. Keiji found himself afraid of Leon's strong-willed personality. How could they ever get along?

While walking home from school together, Leon and Keiji encountered the bullies that gave Keiji trouble. A feeling of dread overcame the victim, sending periodic shocks of paralysis. Noticing the changes in Keiji's demeanor permitted Leon to take a stand for his younger brother; he began attacking the group of hostile boys without exchanging any words. He refused to cease, until Sakura Ichinose appeared from her afternoon walk to stop the fight. Keiji began to idolize Leon and deemed him a wonderful older brother.

Until that fateful day--

//!q3#239jgkg ERROR - The information past this point is confidential.

RP Sample:
"...Father, I'm leaving then, if you have nothing to say."

The aforesaid father grunted softly in return, not looking up from his newspaper. Leon slightly grimaced; he expected at least a musing of his hair, an action that his father had frequently done in the past. But considering the events that had taken place, not even being accepted to the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy could crack a smile on that stoic face. These events also contributed to "that kid" deciding to enter a different school from that of his brother, despite HPA's perfect accomodations for a number-one student like Keiji Schröder. Whatever, what was the point of thinking too much about it? Fumbling to slip into his sneakers, Leon wiped the thought of Keiji out of his mind and readied himself to enter a new environment, a new school.

[ I can RP though skype, notes, or anything! Feel free to ask~~ ]
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Plus Leon's personality is really cool guy - I love that he's so blunt and kind of like, dedicated to his soldier-ing as it were. His design is really neat too! That full body man... work of art.

I really hope we can RP sometime I bet it'd be so much fun!
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